10 Quick Tips on How to Shoot Better in Soccer

One of the key components to playing good soccer is accuracy in shooting the ball. Practice does make perfect, but a good shot includes a lot of other factors, and some of the suggestions may not seem so obvious.

Here are 10 quick tips to consider to help you learn how to shoot scoring ability shooting the soccer ball.

1. Look Before You Shoot

Sounds like a no-brainer, but looking ahead to where you plan to shoot is the best way to set your body in position and control the ball. A good shot needs some complete judgment of the field and the situation. Only then can you position your driving leg forward to give the shot the most power.

Look up before kicking, and focus on where the ball is heading, whether it’s to another player, or toward the goal.

You may see some professionals not look up before kicking, and that’s usually because they are close to the goal, and don’t want to take the time, or tip off opponents as to their intention. Leave that strategy for the pros.

2. Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keep looking back down at the ball so you maintain control. You need to know when to kick and where to kick for more accurate shots. Although you need to look up before making the final thrust, keep looking down so you don’t lose control of the ball.

3. Use Even Strides on the Approach

Avoid stretching forward too far or taking a series of short steps when running with the ball, because it may throw you off balance.

When kicking a ball that is standing still, start only far enough back that you can reach the ball in only three or four steps. Keep the strides the same length they would be as if you were running.

4. Hold Your Ankle Stiff

Lock you ankle and point your foot downward straight and firm before kicking. Your leg should look like it is in a V-shape to generate as much power, and the ankle should not wiggle  because it will weaken the shot.

5. Stand Up Straight as you Kick

Standing in a natural position allows more control over the ball’s path. Stand straight up in a neutral position.

If the ball flies too high, you may be leaning too far back, and if it lands lower than you would like, then you may be leaning forward too much.

6. Target the Middle of the Ball

When you know where you’re kicking, pick a spot where your foot will present the most power. If you want the ball to go higher up in the air, kick the ball lower than the center of the ball. To bend the path of the ball to the right, kick on the left side, and for it to go right, kick on the left side.

7. Kick with the Top of the Foot for Power

Although a powerful shot is not always necessary, kicking with the laces of your shoes will give you a more powerful shot. It will also help with accuracy.

Bend your shots by kicking with the side of your toes.

8. Kick the Ball with the Side of the Foot for Accuracy

An accurate shot is better done with the side of your foot as your approach a goal. Turn the foot to the side and connect with the inside edge of the foot. That will increase the accuracy of the shot.        

soccer practice

9. Follow through with Your Kicking Leg

After kicking the ball, keep moving forward.

Bring your kicking leg forward after striking the ball. Plant your leg on the ground and step through after kicking. If you don’t you may falter, or fall short of the goal.

To kick the ball higher, lift your leg in the air more during the follow through.

10. Push the Ball Ahead

The ball can’t be too close to you, so tap the ball a step or two ahead of your kicking foot before taking the shot. Push it directly in front of you and set up a normal straight kick if possible.

Move to the side if you need to bend the shot or change the angle.

The best shots happen when the ball is rolling.