Building Your Coach Profile on Sportamix

Do you have a school? Plan to form a team? Are you seeking new talent?

Perhaps you have a unique technique or training exercise that will help other athletes. Or, you simply have some sage advice for those who want to excel in the sport you know so well.

It’s important for you to have a Coach Profile on the site in order to connect to others.

The Coach Profile is also for agents, umpires, judges, school recruiters, teachers, managers, trainers, medical personnel and anyone else working in the sports world, and interested in connecting to a worldwide network.

It is obvious to see the benefits of Sportamix, and the magic of being part of a global online sports network. But, you have to create a profile first.

Little League Baseball Coach Helping Young Batter

Sign In to Sportamix

For your first step, go to the Sportamix homepage. Fill out the “Let’s start” section.

Type in your name and then search for the sports you are an expert in by using the pull-down menu under “Choose your sport…” If you teach or know more than one sport, you can add another after you sign in.

Check out the complete list of sports in the pull-down menu because it is a highly detailed list, and you may have a particular expertise in one of the specialties of the sports.

So whether it’s Wushu or Competitive Climbing, Bull riding or Water Polo, odds are your sport is listed somewhere here. If not, click “Other” and notify Sportamix to add your sport.

Include your email and create a password with at least six characters, with at least five letters and one number. Click “Register Now.”

The next page has a pull-down menu of your country. Fill in the rest of the questions and click the “Close” button to get the email verification by checking your email. Click the link and it should take you to the Sportamix homepage again and it should read “Email verified.”  Then click “Let’s go.”

Complete Your Profile

Check that the information is correct.

You can change your “Primary Sport” if you wish. Include a link to your school, or the Facebook page of the team you work with, and you can add statistics and honors that you may have achieved.

Add your photo on the left with basic image formats, and the maximum upload size is 50 mb.

Link your Instagram account, and connect it to other public profiles, school emails, team schedules, and other accounts of yours if you wish, and then decide how you want to be contacted when someone reaches you through Sportamix.

Now You Can Network

The boxes on the left of your profile page allow you to connect to others. Click on “News Feed” to see what others are discussing — sometimes in different languages — and you can add questions, articles, videos, photos and events that you care to share with others. Did your team break a record, or have a great game? Add it here to share with others. Also feel free to comment on what others are sharing.

When you click “Grow Your Network” you are allowed to find and invite your students, colleagues and competitors to your own personal network, sync your contacts, and invite people by email.

Finally, it’s your chance to explore and network. Keep adding updated achievements, photos, videos and wish-lists. Sportamix can help you make the most of your presence in the sports world, and help your influence in the sports grow.

This is the best way to share your knowledge and talent.

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