How a Sports Networking Platform can Benefit a Sports Coach: Insights from Soccer Coach Tamara Suguitan

Coaching a youth sports team can be one of the most rewarding things an athlete will ever do. To be the point of influence for a group of young athletes is definitely a beautiful and fulfilling thing. Still, as with every position in the world of sports, there are challenges to overcome. We’ve recently spoken with one of our supporters, Tamara Suguitan. Tamara is a 36 year old athlete who spent 5 years coaching a Youth Girls Soccer team in Stockton, California. We talked about the challenges she’s faced in finding young girls for her team. She explains how an online sports platform like Sportamix can now provide valuable solutions to these problems.

What Tamara was missing

The girls Tamara coached ranged in age from about 8 to 10 years old. One of her main concerns as a coach was recruiting girls at that age who played soccer at a competitive standard. “It’s hard to find young girls who play on that certain level”, Tamara commented when asked about her most notable obstacle as a soccer coach, “I had to find and fill team of 15 girls”. Tamara didn’t have an online sports platform like Sportamix at the time.

Coach with her youth girls soccer team
Tamara and her team.

We’ve heard similar stories before. It’s clear that seeking out capable athletes is not as easy as it may seem. After all, the players are the bread and butter of any team. For this reason, coaches must work diligently to get them together. “We went to schools, held tryouts, put up flyers, and advertised on pretty much every free platform we could find”, said Tamara. She makes it apparent that the time, energy, and resources it takes to recruit competitive young athletes is often overlooked. Tamara shares that she spent nearly 25% of her time as a coach recruiting girls to play on the team.

How Sportamix will help

It’s challenges like Tamara’s that motivate the creators of Sportamix. Sportamix is an online sports networking platform designed specifically for people in the sports industry. With this platform, parents of young athletes can create a personal athletic profile for their child. They can post photos, videos, stats, and virtually any information that they want to share with the sports world. Once an athlete’s profile is created, this data will be readily available to coaches all over the world. This makes their search for new talent far more accessible and affordable. Tamara’s support for Sportamix stems from her excitement about the platform’s features. “Instead of having to hold multiple tryouts, I can go search for an athlete and watch videos of her playing.”

Sports networking is a vital part of being in the sports industry. With the advances in social networking technology in recent years, it should be simple and readily available. This is the reason why Sportamix was developed. We want to connect the millions of athletes, coaches, recruiters, and parents around the globe!

Coaches should shift their focus and resources away from the costly hunt for something new and toward improving themselves and their teams.

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