Hockey Lingo: Learning the Key (and Sometimes Funny) Words of the Game

For some who don’t know the game of hockey, the best way they’ve known some of the very comical expressions is from the Canadian television show “Letterkenny” (on Hulu).

But, for those around hockey players more often, you’ll know you can’t eat a biscuit or a cheddar, and it’s not good to be a bender or a turtle.

The ever-evolving hockey lingo gets a bit complicated at times, but the jargon is clever and hysterical once you get it.

Very few other sports has as many words that need to be decoded to figure out what an athlete has to say.

Some of the best hockey jargon:

Apple: an assist that helps another player score.

Bender: a player who is terrible at playing hockey. His or her’s angles may bend in because the skates don’t fit right, or is unable to skate at all.

Biscuit: the name of a puck.

Bucket: what a helmet is called.

Chiclets: your teeth, but it’s usually describe when a player loses a few of them due to a fight or close encounter with a puck.

Chirping: when you’re trash talking and making insulting reports to an opposing team or player, their bench or the referees.

Coast to Coast: taking a puck all the way down the ice.

Facewash: an annoying thing to do to an opponent by sticking gloves, palms first, into his or her’s face.

Flamingo: when a player lifts his leg to avoid blocking a shot, usually made by a fellow teammate.

Gongshow: a game that gets out of hand because of too many fights, or some incredible shots.

Kronwalled: named after Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall, who is famous for this move. it’s a big hit on a player who is trying to take the puck out of his zone. 

Lay the Lumber on Him: a slash or hit with the stick.

Lettuce: a great head of hockey hair also known as a flow or salad.

Light the Lamp: scoring a goal, this refers to a red light that goes on behind the net.

Playmaker: a player known for great puck handling and passing, not necessarily scoring.

Plumber: a player who is not necessarily the most skilled player, but a hard worker who loves to play in the corners where it’s hard to play.

Ride the Pine: Usually a bender is doing this when the player spends the entire game sitting on the bench, and not getting any playing time.

Sieve: an awful goalie that has many holes to shoot through and lets too many goals go by.

Snipe: a powerful or well-placed shot that results in a pretty goal.

Stoned: when a goalie makes a great save.

Top Cheese/Cheddar: used to describe a shot that goes in off or right below the crossbar.

Turtle: when one of the players in a fight would rather not join in the fracas and just crouches or falls to his knees and covers himself.

Where Mama Keeps the Peanut Butter: a goal scored in the uppermost part of the net.

It won’t make you a better player, but it may make you feel more a part of the game if you carry this list around and use some of the words. 

You’ll be a true playmaker who knows where Mama keeps the peanut butter.

Children Playing Ice Hockey