How Sportamix Can Prevent College Entrance Exam Scandals

The sports world is still reeling over the college entrance exam scandal that resulted in wealthy high-profile families getting arrested on charges of bribing their child’s way to schools, and getting them athletic scholarships.

Sportamix is an online interactive innovative website that can prevent such shenanigans from occurring.

Here are some of the ways, it does that.

Actress Felicty Huffman (here with husband actor William H. Macy) was arrested in college scandal and plead guilty.

It’s Not About How Wealthy You Are

Sportamix allows anyone of any income bracket to post information on the site, at no charge to you. 

Whether you are an athlete with a lot of experience, or one that is just beginning, or a sports hopeful, you can create a profile at no charge and include photos and videos, as well as your progress and information.

Who you parents are, or how wealthy they are, has no standing when it comes to your profile on Sportamix.

Develop Your Honest History

Your scores, your records and your successes and information are all recorded here, as you progress through your sport. You cannot go back and update or change it, or make it look any better.

But this is a good thing, it will show how you have begun, and how you are progressing throughout the sport. No one starts as a superstar, and the training progress is shown through this history that you develop.

No Fake Photos On This Site

Yes, one of the most disturbing thing about the college entrance exam scandal is how some photos were Photoshopped onto the bodies of other athletes. 

Come on, that’s going to be too easy to spot. 

You can put up your own team photos and videos of play on your page, but with all the eyes on the site, it’s going to be hard to fake a photo. And why do you need to do it?  Show your progress, your physical changes, and your history with Sportamix.

Your Home Address is Not a Factor

Sportamix is a sports network platform that enables direct communication between athletes, coaches, recruiters and fans throughout the world.

You may be interested in a college in Boston, but if you are a great football player living in Kenya it may be impossible to figure out how to connect with someone there. You may be a superb gymnast in Kentucky, but how do you get to world-renown trainers from the Ukraine? 

Any athlete from anywhere in the world, despite nationality, age, geographical location, or social status, can be discovered and connected through Sportamix.

Find Mentors, Don’t Bribe Them

Coaches and agents are looking for a few good athletes and they are coming to Sportamix to find them. 

The college scandals had coaches being bribed by wealthy parents to help their children get into schools, and get scholarships. Sportamix offers insights and histories of students from around the world, and coaches can find talent on their own — real talent. 

Anyone can find a sports mentor, just join Sportamix.

Show Multiple Sports Interests

Some of you are excellent in multiple sports. There may be an abundance of people trying out for football scholarships at certain schools, but not enough for the woman’s lacrosse team. 

Putting down your history and scores in multiple sports creates a better chance to link you up to someone who can assist and guide you in that area.

Include College Wish Lists, and Recruiters May Come

Have a college in mind? It may seem impossible to get to, but by putting it down online in your Sportamix profile, you may find a recruiter come knocking on your door to offer you a scholarship.

Put as much information about yourself and your talents as you can in your free online Sportamix profile, and the right recruiters may see that you fit a need that they are seeking.

Parents Get Involved, Too

Maybe parents aren’t always a good thing to get involved, because some of the scandals involving college entrance exams resulted because the parents were overzealous and paid people to take their children’s tests.

But, for the most part, parents are fair and want the best for their children. They also want to be involved in their children’s future, so they can always be involved in your Sportamix profile and the content of your page.

Get Endorsements and Advice from Coaches, Teachers

The way super-agent and Sportamix president Leigh Steinberg got sold on the online innovate site is because he could see how the site “promotes ethics and good sportsmanship.”

“I see the site as a place to encourage best values and show teamwork and self discipline,” Steinberg said.

Sportamix allows you to develop contacts and get endorsements and advice from leading experts throughout the world.

Find support, build your network, be honest, feel safe, and join Sportamix. 

No scandals here.

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