How to be a Better Setter in Volleyball

A setter is the most important position in volleyball. The setter runs the team’s offense and sets up the ball for the next player to make a winning volley or spike. 

A good set up is about a foot away from the net to give the attacker enough room to follow through with a whole arm swing without touching the net.

The setter is the player who gets the second ball in play before getting the ball back over the net, but sometimes the setter can’t get to the second ball and another player will have to do it.

Olympic Gold Medalist for Volleyball, Misty May, recommends a good setter position: 

  • Feet apart, wider than shoulders
  • Right foot forward to make it easier to turn
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Lean forward at the waist

Then, when you run toward the ball, don’t do it with your hands up. Get to the position you want, then put your hands up to connect with the ball. Many new players run with their hands up and it doesn’t help get to the ball.

May warns, “Be careful about costing your team a point by carrying the ball, if you bring the ball too low, or doubling it where both hand are not hitting the ball at the same time.

The setter of a game is high energy and perhaps one of the hardest workers on the team. That’s the person who knows his team’s best shots and what kind of set up the teammate prefers.

Volleyball isn’t a game for slouches. It’s constant movement and you are consistently depending on your fellow teammates.

You almost always have to be standing in a ready stance to react to the ball while it is in play. And, if you are the setter, you pretty much control the game.