How to Get Recruited with a Sportamix Profile

Women's Soccer is a popular sport for recruiters

Getting noticed is important for an athlete. You may have all the skill in the world, all the talent anyone could want, but if you don’t get discovered you may never achieve your highest potential.

How do you get noticed? Traditionally, scouts and agents make trips to local high schools and colleges and watch players. They scoured newspapers and sports reports to see who the sports writers and fans are talking about, and they check in with coaches whom they trust.

Now, Sportamix makes it much more easy. 

Fill out your profile as an athlete. Be honest, be realistic, and explain your goals. Check off as many sports you are proficient in, and include photos, honors, teams or any links you think are important.

Consider this your resume, as if you are applying for a job, and it’s right here on the Sportamix site for you to update and add to, and it’s available for others to see.

Some agents and coaches from your field may search the site and notice you. They may have advice, suggestions, or want to set up an appointment. Write back, be polite, and only agree to set up a meeting when a parent and/or coach or teacher can accompany you to the meeting. It’s often best to set up a meeting at a public place, like a gym, your school, or a coffeeshop.

Be patient, but be proactive. People are not going to find you right away, but if you have a team you want to join, or a coach you want to work with, then don’t hesitate to send the link to your Sportamix profile so they can see everything you’ve done.

Remember, the more robust your profile, the better. Fill out as much as you can and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. Include any school records you and your team have broken, or how you have progressed since you started playing.

In the SEARCH box to the right of the Sportamix logo at the top of your Sportamix page, type the name of the sport you want to find out more about, and a list of names will pop up. You can look at each profile, and find out more about the person and then click FOLLOW at the top of your page.

Now you will be able to check in and follow fellow athletes and coaches in your field. They, in turn, may follow you as well.

On the far right of your Sportamix profile you are able to fill out various filters to find a coach or fellow athletes anywhere in the world. You can find them by city, by sport, even by height and weight. If you know the name of a team you would like to join, type it in. If you are interested in a specific school, there is a place to type that in, and then hit SEARCH and all the results will show up.

You can also create a group, and Sportamix may suggest a group near you or of your interests that you can join.

Stay active with Sportamix. Check your profile once a day, and go to look for fellow athletes every day. Check out the blog and read articles about other athletes and what is going on in the world of sports, or find out details about different sports, and how to improve.

By joining other groups with fellow athletes you can share information, ask questions and get advice about your sport. 

You can also create your own Network, and post Events that you can invite others to, or find events you may want to attend.

Coaches can search players and this will be a good tool when you have a well-established profile with photos, videos and accomplishments.

Remember to have fun, and check in regularly, but do your homework first!