How to Improve Ball Control in Soccer

Women's soccer players

Certainly one of the most important skills in the fast-moving game of soccer is control of the ball. If you can’t master ball control, it’s unlikely you’ll master the game.

Follow some of these tips to master this important skill.

Before you work on tougher techniques like tricks and dribbling, learn how to control the ball. Keep on your toes, train using both of your feet and stay close to the ball. 

Learn how to touch the ball with the laces of the shoe, with the toe down and heel up and back, and use both feet. This way you can dribble the ball faster.  

To do this, lift up your knee and point the foot down, locking your ankle and then hit the ball with the inside of your laces.

There is also an inside and outside touch of a soccer ball. 

For the inside touch, move your leg forward and lock your ankle. Then, touch the ball with the middle of the inside of the foot.

The outside touch is using the outside of your foot and it’s quick and choppy. This is used to cut to the side. 

Finally, there is a sole touch, which is often underused in the sport, according to some leading coaches. It is the hardest kick (or touch) to master, but when done correctly will help you a lot with your game.

Do it by rolling the ball to the side of the foot, jump a slight hop with the other foot while rolling the ball.

Ball control drills can be frustrating and tedious, but they should be done before playing a game for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

It is better to know how to master the manipulation the ball in every way: with the lace and sole, inside and outside of the feet. Do warm-ups trying all the different ball controls, and using both feet.