How to Improve Your Soccer Footwork

Soccer is all about the feet, and if you can’t master your footwork, you can’t master the game. As clumsy as you may be, some coaches have some ways to improve your balance and keep your feet nimble.

Your feet should always be on the move in soccer. There are a few simple exercises that can improve your agility and performance that will help you with your sprint, changing direction, blocking, scoring and catching the ball. 

Try pushing, pulling and rolling the ball, not just kicking. Find drills that work on your weakest talent and emphasize well-rounded drills.

Jump Roping

Using a jump role is the easiest way to improve footwork and refine conditioning, and it can be done indoors or outdoors. It helps strengthen the muscles around the feet, shins and ankles.

Adjust the handles of the jump rope so the handles are at the armpit level and stand in the middle of rope. Start with 30-second sessions without tripping up, and then move up in time. Keep most of the movement in your ankles, and don’t make your knees stiff.

Adjust the different ways you are jumping over the rope and landing on the ball of your feet. You don’t have to jump too high. You can try jumping side to side and forward and backward, as you progress.

Wall Kicking

Practice passing against a solid wall. This is a good exercise to improve accuracy and receiving the ball, and mastering your control.

Try aiming the ball at the same spot and retrieving it continuously and then use more power so the ball travels faster. Maintain control and adjust the angles of hitting the wall.

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course of cones (or other players) to be able to move and change directions.

Don’t place the cones exactly evenly spaced or in a straight line so that you will be forced to shift your weight. Also, try sudden maneuvers while dribbling the ball through the course.

It is important to learn how to stop and start at any time while controlling the ball. 

“The game is all about footwork, and having good footwork is how you communicate with your teammates,” says professional soccer coach and player Steven Taylor, who is listed on the Sportamix site, and is currently the captain of the Wellington Phoenix Football Club in New Zealand. He wants you to make sure that you have the proper gear and shoes to help with your training.

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He adds, “The best advice for young people getting into the game is you got to enjoy what you do and keep practicing, and work on different skills that will improve you.”

Soccer coach Steven Taylor who is on the Sportamix site.