How to Pass Better in Hockey

Passing in hockey is an important skill because it’s the best way to advance the puck or the ball. It is the easiest way to move the puck around to get closer to the goal, and send it to a fellow teammate to score a goal.

Some basic tips can help you pass much better.

  • Don’t let the puck flip up. Roll your hands holding the stick over on the ice. The blade cups down on the puck and use the wrist to flick it so that the puck doesn’t flip up.
  • Don’t lift the stick up at the end of a pass because that will also lift the ball or the puck.
  • Look up at the target and have your head up.
  • Keep your top hand out allowing you to get more power to your pass.
  • Roll your wrists on the stick and keep the blade closed.
  • Keep the blade of the stick low.
  • Pass to where a player is heading.
  • Power makes it easier to get the puck to the intended player. The faster it is, the harder it is for an opponent to retrieve, and the more likely it will get to where you want it to go.
  • Use your back leg to push the puck or ball forward to add to the power.
  • Never slap at the puck.
  • Transfer your weight from the back foot to the front foot.
  • Try a flip or saucer pass when there’s a player between you and your intended target. A good saucer pass floats about 10 inches off the ice and lands close to the blade of a teammate’s stick. 
  • Remember that most bad passes are caused by not looking toward your intended target.
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