How to Pass Better in Soccer

Passing the ball is a key strategy to move the ball down the field to get to the goal. Your passing ability has to be powerful and accurate, and coaches have developed a few drills and suggestions to improve your passes.

Watch the Barcelona soccer team champions to see what it looks like to have expert passing techniques. Their skill of getting the ball to each other, despite all obstacles, is like watching fine dancers.

Here are a few tips for the most common pass.

  • Turn your passing foot to a right angle to use the inside of your foot
  • Kick with the inside of your foot from the base of the big tow to the central area of the heel under the ankle bone
  • Your bellybutton should be facing the target player
  • Keep your head steady with your eyes on the ball
  • Have the kicking foot follow through toward the target after contact with the ball
  • Use your arms to keep balance
  • Hold your ankle and knees firm
  • Remain focused and calm

Here are the types of passes that would be helpful to master. You won’t be using them all the time, but it’s good to have these skills if the right moment comes up in the game. Again, watch the Barcelona team to see how they do it.

The Standard Pass

This is the side pass as described above, where you turn your hip outward and lift your leg to the side. It is important to master this pass with both feet.

The Lofted Pass

When you want to get a ball over an opponent’s head, and get it far across the field, use the Lofted Pass. It is best done by kicking at the bottom of the ball with the back of your big toe and following through with your leg lifting high.

Control the power of a pass like this, do not consider it the same as a goal shot. A pass that is launched too strong will be hard for your teammate to control.

The Chip Pass

For a high short pass, you kick the ball down and under it to get it high into the air. The chip pass has a backspin, and it slows down the ball when it lands, but allows you to regain control.

The Backward Pass

If the goal is behind you, you may be able to kick a backward pass with the hell of sole of your kicking foot.

Simple practice drills can improve your passing techniques. Try these at about 20-30 minutes at a time.

Basic Passing Drill

With two players facing each other, start about 10 feet apart and keep the ball moving by passing directly to each other. After each kick, take a step backward and still try to remain accurate. This will also develop the necessary power for longer passes, and improve accuracy.

Angle Passing

With two players, set the cones around in a large circle about a yard apart from each other. Get inside the circle and the other player is outside. Have him pass to you in the middle and you kick out to him or her between two cones in the circle, and then they move to the next set of cones. You have to continuously pass at an angle to a different set of cones.

Wall Ball

Bounce the ball off a wall using both your right and left feet. This is a good solo exercise and it can help you master different ways of kicking the ball, including lofts and volleys.

Remember, passing is the best way to work as a team. Getting the ball to an open teammate who has a shot at the goal is the key to the game. Your accuracy is most important to be a key part of the team.