Learning How to Play Ball is More than Hitting the Ball and Running

Baseball may seem like a simple sport. You hit the ball, you run around, and you score a home run.

But, to hone those skills, it takes a lot of practice. It takes a lot of training and a lot of agility that is beyond just hitting and running. 

A young athlete needs to find coaches and professional experts that can help develop the skills required for becoming a good baseball player. It may require trainers that are not as traditional as you might expect for the sport.

For example, the Santa Monica Baseball Academy has a baseball yoga instructor. Coach Emily Fuller brings her yoga talents and skills to help young athletes stretch out their bodies before rigorous ball playing. She is a swim teacher, lifeguard and emergency first responder, and sees very clearly how yoga can help baseball players.

Running is also a key part of the game. If you can’t run fast, it doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball, you’ll never make it around the bases. That’s why some of the coaches will have student athletes run a lot, and race a lot, even more than playing the game. 

And then, there are the exercises, that at first may seem a bit off-beat. At one of the recent Santa Monica Baseball Academy training sessions, Trent Williams, a star left tackle for the Washington Redskins, showed some of the young athletes how to make it through the very difficult agility drills. These drills make a good football player, and they are easily adapted for young baseball players. They look tough, but they make him think and act fast.

The Santa Monica Baseball Academy is signing up already for the summer training camp for players of all level of expertise. The weekly camps run from June 17 to Aug. 17 and there’s an Elite Showcase Camp for one week only. Financial aid is available, check here for their registration: https://santamonicabaseballacademy.com

Some of the infield drills, as demonstrated by the coaches from SMBA, require a lot of squatting and picking up. Those are essential skills for playing a good outfield game. You’re going to have to run, reach for the ball, scoop up the ball up, and still stay on your feet.

“Our goal is to teach you how to play the game of baseball or softball the RIGHT way the first time at all levels of athletic ability,” said Santa Monica Baseball Academy Athletic Director Wes Terry. “We teach all aspects of baseball and softball; the equipment, the game, umpires, and opponents.  Our athletic director, coaches, team leaders are all there for the players and their parents every step of the way.”

The Santa Monica Baseball Academy is already signing up young athletes for their summer training camps, just like many other places around the country that are already opening sign-ups for the summer. The spots fill up quickly at the best places, so act now.

Some camps, like SMBA are advance baseball training camps for players who would like to advance their skill sets for U.S. baseball, travel ball, tournament teams, All-star tournaments and baseball showcases like Perfect Game, USA Baseball, Show Ball and Play to Win.

Becoming a good player means improving fitness and skill sets, but mental ability is also crucial for the sport. At SMBA, college prep is part of the curriculum. There are Scholastic Aptitude Test prep classes available while working on baseball games, and some of the coaches will teach students how to write successful college essays for college applications.

The morning is made up of preparation for the college level tests, the SATs, ACTs and any other tests, and the afternoon is spent learning baseball drills.

The coaches help evaluate progress on scores in both academics and out on the field. Players work one-on-one with professional instructors to evaluate the level of play at SMBA and they focus on areas to add strength to any weakness in the game.

Preparation also includes wearing proper baseball attire every day, including hats and cleats. Proper sunscreen and water for hydration is important to prevent problems of training in the heat.

Again, for more information about the various exercises and training at the Santa Monica Baseball Academy, and for registration, go to: www.santamonicabaseballacademy.com

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