Mo Anouti Reinvents Himself from Olympic Champ to Actor to ‘Hero of the Day’

Even at a massive 6-foot-3, 285 pounds, Mo Anouti is able to transform himself. 

He is an Olympic gold heavyweight bodybuilding champion who has become an actor and producer, and now is a consultant at Sportamix, helping out the innovative website that connects athletes and sports professionals.

Mo is known for roles in the TV series “Colony,” the film “Transylmania” (where he plays Musclehead), and the new Bill Hader TV show “Barry” (where he plays a character named Thick Neck). He has also performed in “American Poltergeist 3,” “Criminal Minds” and the faux documentary “Hero of the Day.”

In “Hero of the Day,” he portrays a one-time star football player who agrees to let two filmmakers follow him for a day for a documentary. What they find is a desperate former legend trying to support his young son. The character takes on some vigilante justice that brings the documentary crew into some dangerous situations.

“That film has parallels with my own personal life,” Mo said. “It’s always hard on someone who’s making a living on their physical strength because there is a shelf life. I’ve seen a lot of athletes at the top of their game, and then it stops.”

Mo Anouti reinvented himself playing a fallen football star.

Despite being on stage a lot during his weightlifting competitions, he had to train for two years as an actor with the Lee Strasberg Institute just to overcome stage fright. It was a surprise, because he was a lifetime bodybuilder often in the spotlight, but suddenly became shy.

Like in his athletic performances, Mo found a mentor for his career change, this time Christopher Allen Nelson, a top special effects make-up artist who became and actor and screenwriter.

Mo spent 12 hours alone shooting a complex fight scene that he spent months choreographing with karate and kickboxing moves.

Mo said he immediately saw the benefits of Sportamix as a global, data-driven sports networking platform that allows direct communication between athletes, recruiters, coaches, fans and all others who are passionate about the world of sports.

“This is a way for athletes to get to know what they need to improve on, and get better,” Mo said. “It’s a shortcut to getting a know how what they need to improve on, and get better. It’s a shortcut for people who love sports and want to take it seriously and be competitive.”

Mo said, “One of the challenges is finding talent, but if you’re not noticed, if your not assisted and trained with the proper techniques, that is not good. Coaches don’t have a lot of time, and that’s where Sportamix comes in and saves a lot of time.”

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