Sports Science: The Rise of Sports Laboratories – And How They’re Changing the Game

Before sports science, sports were originally ruled by genetic marvels. These were human specimens that were extraordinarily bigger, faster, and stronger than the average person. They were admired like superheroes, because no one had a clue how to look or play like them. Men like Mickey Mantle, Bo Jackson, and Magic Johnson coasted off of the supernatural abilities that they’ve had since birth. The average person was content thinking that they could never perform like them.

Fast forward to 2019 and things have changed drastically. We are finally reaching a point where researchers are able to turn an average joe into a world-class athlete. Sports science is now taking off and everyone has an equal shot at being a pro sports icon. Here are a few facilities that are turning everyday people into gods and goddesses.

Sparta Science

Based in the Silicon Valley alongside places like Apple, Google, and Lockheed, Sparta Science is a perfect fit. The technology they are offering the sports world is innovative and simple to use. They have trained over 28,000 athletes in over 100 organizations (college and professional) and counting. Sparta Science greatly believes in the individual experience. They have a different strategy for molding every single athlete they take on. They use force plate technology and SpartaTrac, an enterprise SaaS intelligence solution, to turn data into actionable insight.


Driveline baseball training facility

Driveline is currently the most advanced baseball laboratory in the world. They use force production plates, high-speed edgertronic cameras, radar guns, and pretty much any other high-tech machinery you can imagine. They specialize in perfecting mechanics and using science to get the most out of your body. Currently every single MLB organization is benefitting from the endless research Driveline has put into perfecting every nuance there is in the game of baseball. Recently they’ve suggested that they will start helping football quarterbacks as well

P3 Applied Sports Science

P3 sports science training facility

P3 may be the most diverse group of the bunch. They help to train the athletes you would expect, such as basketball and volleyball players – but surprisingly they use their data-driven approach on athletes like surfers and snowboarders too! They use 3D motion analysis sensors so that P3’s scientists can determine the exact kinematic and bio-mechanical sequencing of their athletes, and refine them to become as efficient, powerful, and precise as possible.

It is very cool to see places like this popping up, and we look forward to watching how sports progress with technology. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the game, and an even more exciting time to be an athlete. This industry may very well turn thousands of people who don’t have the best genetics (and would have ultimately ended up being spectators), into world-class athletes instead. Do you train at a sports lab? Let us know and tell us about your experience! Or better yet, post about it on your Sportamix profile and let the world see what the future of sports looks like!

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